5 BDM RTTY WW Contest 2017

5 BDM RTTY WW Contest 2017


Start at 12:00:00 UTC on January 21, ending 11:59:59 UTC on January 22 2017. 

Bands: 10 / 15 /20 / 40 / 80 meters, no WARC bands.

Mode: RTTY, 45 Baud, one contact with same station on each band is permitted.


Entry: single OP – all bands, single OP – single band,     multi OP – all bands,  Multi OP– single band, 

SWL , QRP : 5 w, others stations max 100 w,  stations may operate during contest on all bands and

claim score only for one band. Contest exchange: RST plus digi start 001

Points: 5 points for QSO inside own continent, 10 for contacts outside own continent.

DLL for MixW for CQ BDM download here : www.digitalrus.ru tks to Victor RA3BB 

UDC file for N1MM http://n1mm.hamdocs.com/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=18

tks to Patrick ON6AT for request file, and Les G4OGB and Nick NA3M that Les a UDC file created for the contest program N1MM.

Tks to UU0JC Igor for Update Contest Modules menu from LogCalculator.

Log: Only Cabrillo format logs and save your call ex: ON2VHF.cbr 

No dupe or multiplier lists are now required. 

E-mail address is    on2vhf.contest@gmail.com

 Please send logs as attachment and include your call-sign in «Subject»

field. Address for paper logs is: on2vhf Piérard laurent, Address info via qrz.com,

Belgium, dead line 30 January 2017.

73s Laurent ON2VHF.

See your later on the Bands.
source:  http://www.on2vhf.be/