Contest 160m CW ARRL


1. Object: For Amateurs worldwide to exchange information with W/VE amateurs on the 160-meter band CW only. DX-to-DX QSOs do not count for contest credit.

1.1. Stations located in overseas and non-contiguous U.S. Territories may be worked by DX stations. This includes Alaska KL7, the Caribbean US possessions KP1-KP5, and all of the Pacific Ocean territories KHØ-KH9, including Hawaii KH6. These stations can work BOTH domestic stations (US and VE) as well as DX stations around the world. Check your software before the contest to be sure it will accept these QSOs.

2. Date and Contest Period: Starts 2200 UTC Friday, ends 1600 UTC Sunday (December 2 – December 4, 2016). This is a forty-two hour period with no time limitation.

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